Pix2Pix API allows you to edit any image by using simple text instructions. This API uses Instruct-pix2pix model made by Timothy Brooks.

Pix2Pix model requires a text prompt and an initial image url as the inputs to render a new image which has similar style and content to the initial image, but different details and composition.

Make sure to use Fetch Results API after process_id is received

This API supports following use-cases:

  • Want to upload a file < 8MB: Checkout Pix2Pix - Sample Code Recipe
  • Want to upload a file > 8MB: Checkout File Upload > 8MB Recipe
  • Want to send file url instead of upload: Checkout Pix2Pix File URL Recipe
File Upload > 8MB
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Pix2Pix - Sample Code
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Pix2Pix File URL
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