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about your huggingface models.

hello, i wrote this in huggingface in your model discussion too, in hugginface, your models are not the actual model, they are adapter models, they are only weights of fine tuned part of the actual model. and you cant directly use it because its a part of model. you have to merge main model with your adapter model. i had the same issue too and i can help you merge your adapter weights with main model. you can check my model in my profile, which is a fine tuned mistral-7b-v0.2 which is fine tuned by me with these steps : fine tuned using qlora, merged adapter weights with main model and quantized it in gguf. you can contact me from email or hugginface.

Please provide valid input prompt to process the request

<https://api.monsterapi.ai/v1/status/{process_id}> Every-time I attempt to check the status of a process I receive the below response: { "process_id": "fcc11425-bb30-438e-b41b-a824aa71ef8a", "status": "FAILED", "result": { "errorMessage": "Please provide valid input prompt to process the request" } }

Using Javascript with Monster.....

I'm doing text-to-image generation using JS. Currently, it seems like I have to: 1. do a fetch to request the text-to-image generation 2. do multiple fetches -- polling the process-id until the status comes back as COMPLETED Is there a way to just do a single async call that you can wait on until the image is sent? If not, what is your recommended method of polling? J

wow gold

Dear immortals, I need some inspiration to create <https://www.wowtot.com>

Download Model?

Hello! I am about to sign up and start testing the platform. Question: Can I also download the trained model for local use as well?

Is it possible to get the api logs for all requests done using an API key?

Currently the API logs is shown only the requests created from the monster website.

Send image as base64 for img to img

Please add possibility for upload image like a base64 string for convert it to another image

Response from Voice_To_Text takes too much time

Hello! I tried to use your voice_to_text API. The problem is that the same audio request takes different time. For example, it may be done under 3 seconds, and afterwards it will not break out of the loop, since the message from the process_id never becomes "Completed". Is this a problem from your side? Are there any limitations for a free subscription?

error 502

Hi, sorry, I have a 502 error, do you know how to resolve it?

Capturing a currently spoken word.

Hi, I am going to capture a currently spoken word using monster api. Is it possible?